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CEMEE is an interdisciplinary scientific research center headquartered at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei. Our goals are to design new materials relevant for energy based applications. These are uncovered through extensive measurements of advanced materials properties under extreme conditions of high pressure and variable temperatures. The key studies include experimental and theoretical investigations of electronic, magnetic, structural, elastic properties of material at ultrahigh pressures (approaching TPa), high magnetic fields (>10 T) (in collaboration with the Strong Magnetic Field Laboratory), and a very wide range of temperatures from ultralow (mK) to very high (up to 10,000 K). The mission of the center is to coordinate and integrate the results of experimental and theoretical research for the Energy applications.
ISSP Researchers Deliver their Comments on "Observation of the Wigner-Huntington transition to metallic hydrogen"

A recent work of Dias and Silvera from Harvard University reported on observation of metallic hydrogen in a diamond anvil cell at 495 GPa, in which they announced that they produced for the first time the "metal hydrogen" in a hydrostatic environment in the world. Their work was published on Science in February 2017 and attracted a lot of attentions in the science community of condensed matter physics.

However, two groups led by professor Alexand ...

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