Prof. Jian Xu visits ISSP
 [ 2012/12/26 ]

In the morning of September 28th, Prof. Jian Xu,visited ISSP. Prof. Xu is the authority in high-pressure physics and technology, he is one of the founders of the ruby fluorescence high-pressure scale, which is being used now. He was warmly welcomed by ISSP vice director Zeng Zhi.

During his visit, Prof. Xu gave a lecture entitled "DAC Technology & Modern High Pressure Sciences". He started his lecture with the definition of pressure, the basic measurement and applications of high pressure (HP) science. Then he emphasized that HP research has promoted  the industry of synthetic diamond. Also, he talked about the major research topics in modern HP science. Among others, he introduced the research on metallic hydrogen and study of hydrocarbons addressing hypothesis of abiogenic origin of petroleum.

Before leaving, Ms. Zeng expressed her thanks to Prof. Xu for his visit and for supporting an initiative of founding new collaborative extreme environment research Centers at the ISSP.

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