Dr. Chenglin Zhang Visited ISSP
 [ 2014/5/5 ]

In the afternoon of April 28th, Dr. Chenglin Zhang from Rice University (USA) visited ISSP. He gave a lecture entitled "Neutron scattering study on NaFe1-xCoxAs".

In his talk, he discussed about his neutron research activities, and the discovery of iron superconductors. The (Ba,Sr,Ca)Fe2As2 ("122") system was also introduced, especially the electron doped side which has been heavily studied by neutron scattering. One of the pronounced features generally observed in bulk superconductors is a broad resonance along the antiferrromagnetic order wave vector. The resonance energy linearly scales with Tc.  Neutron studies on the Co-doped NaFeAs system exhibited complexities, distinguishing itself from the "122" system. Dr. Zhang and other researchers observed a sharp resonance in the electron-overdoped regime, providing strong evidence of S+_ pairing symmetry in pnictide superconductors. 

After the lecture, Prof. Xiaojia Chen expressed his thanks to Dr. Zhang for his visit and hoped to cooperate with each other in the future. 

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