Prof. Raymond Jeanloz Visited ISSP
 [ 2014/5/13 ]
Dr. Raymond Jeanloz, professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley visited ISSP on May 8th. He was warmly welcomed by ISSP co-director Prof. Zhi Zeng and director of CEMEE Dr. Xiaojia Chen.

Dr. Jeanloz gave a lecture on "Toward Atomic Pressures". In his talk, he introduced static high-pressure experiments reaching conditions where the chemical bond is fundamentally changed, and complemented by dynamic laser-compression methods that can achieve Gbar pressures where atomic structures are altered. The combination of static and dynamic methods, with samples probed by spectroscopy and diffraction, opens a new regime of "kilovolt chemistry" at which core-electron orbitals participate in bonding, and existing theories are challenged and extended.

During his visit, Dr. Jeanloz also paid a visit to several key laboratories of ISSP, the High Magnetic Field Laboratory as well as the EAST Tokamak at the Institute of Plasma Physics. Before leaving, he expressed his thanks to ISSP for his visit and both sides hope to cooperate with each other in the future. 

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