Dr. Viktor Struzhkin Visited ISSP
 [ 2014/11/28 ]
In the morning of Nov. 27th, Dr. Viktor Struzhkin from Geophysical Laboratory,Carnegie Institution for Science(USA) visited ISSP. He gave a lecture entitled "New Chemistry of Alkali Metal Hydrides and Compressed Hydrogen". CEMEE leader Prof. Xiaojia Chen hosted the report meeting.

In his talk, he discussed about the only known compound of sodium and hydrogen is archetypal ionic NaH. Application of high pressure is known to promote states with higher atomic coordination, but extensive search for polyhydrides with unusual stoichiometry remains unsuccessful in spite of several theoretical predictions. Dr. Struzhkin and his team combined synchrotron x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy in a laser heated diamond anvil cell and theoretical ab-initio random structure search, which both agree in stable structures and compositions. Their results support the formation of multicenter bonding (three center units such as H3-) and polyhydridematerials with unusual stoichiometry. These results are applicable for the design of new family of hydrogen-rich materials.

After the lecture, Prof. Xiaojia Chen expressed his thanks to Dr. Struzhkin for his visit and hoped to cooperate with each other in the future. 

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