Dr. Jichen Li Visited ISSP
 [ 2014/12/18 ]

In the morning of Dec. 16th, Dr. Jichen Li from University of Manchester (UK) visited ISSP. He gave a lecture entitled "Using Neutron Scattering and ab initio DFT Methods Investigation of Water and Water around Biomolecule". ISSP vice leader Prof. Zhi Zeng hosted the report meeting.

In his talk, he discussed about water and its solutions are subjects of intensive study in past decades. The importance of these studies is not only due to people's scientific curiosity to a range of abnormal properties of water, which distinguish it from other liquids and fascinate scientists, but also due to the fact that water plays a most important role in living systems and it is the key to human's existence and survival on this planet. The increase of research activity of search water in the solar system has stimulated more research activity for a better understanding of the basic properties of water and water in biological systems. Dr Li and his  team's discovery of the "two kinds of hydrogen bonding" would not only provide a possible mechanism for the explanation of the range of water anomalies, but also indicates that water may have a very active role (like a catalyst) in the formation and stabilization of DNA, proteins and membranes.

After the lecture, Prof. Zeng expressed her thanks to Dr. Li for his visit and hoped to cooperate with each other in the future. 

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